Just released:  New report from the National Academies of Sciences summarizing workshops on changing social norms and promoting behavior change on behavioral health issues.  Vicky Rideout shared her experience working with Hollywood on content integration.  Report available free here.


The distinction between correlation and causation is not a mere technicality to acknowledge before moving on to a pre-ordained conclusion; it is fundamental to a correct interpretation of the work.  Read More >

A survey with University of Texas Professor Craig Watkins about Millennials'use of social media for social and political engagement;

A benchmark study on youth, tech, and health for HopeLab;

A survey of 9- to 11-year-olds about issues they face in their daily lives;

An evaluation of a pro-social media campaign for Too Small to Fail;

And more - stay tuned!  


Given the variety of activities children can undertake on their phones and tablets, does it even make sense to talk about "screen time" any more?  And in this transmedia world, how can we effectively measure children's media usage - or should we even bother to try? 

Read Vicky Rideout's commentary in the Journal of Children and Media on why it does make sense to continue doing our best to measure the time children and teens spend with various types of media, using quantitative, nationally representative, probabilistic samples - despite the many challenges of doing so.  The article includes lots of key data from the recent Common Sense Census: Media Use By Tweens and Teens, now available in an academic journal. 


danah boyd puts the 'spotlight' on Vicky Rideout in the International Communications Association's newsletter for the Division on Children, Adolescents & Media 

read the interview >

Watch Politico's behind-the-scenes video about Barack Obama's 2004 Democratic Convention speech, including an interview with Vicky Rideout, director of speech writing for the Convention. 

Conference on Parenting in the Age of Digital Technology: How Families Use Media and Technology in their Daily Lives. VJR Consulting organized this conference for Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Human Development.  Speakers included the head of research for Disney Channels Worldwide, the director of the Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology, and the medical director for the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families.  See the agenda and participant bios, or watch videos of Vicky Rideout’s presentation to the conference, the panel discussion, or remarks by Richard Culatta, George Askew, or UCLA’s Elinor Ochs.

February 2013:  Moderated a Webinar on the public launch of the NO MORE project for the Joyful Heart Foundation and other NO MORE coalition members. February 2013: Facilitated a forum for Sesame Workshop (the producers of Sesame Street) exploring the potential for the company to pursue a public engagement campaign on early childhood development. Ad Council/Google Panel at Ad Week 

May 10, 2011 - When Google and the Ad Council organized a featured session on content integration at Ad Week 2011, they turned to Vicky Rideout to moderate the panel that included MTV, Bartle Boggle Hegarty, Participant Media, and the American Legacy Foundation.  How can social causes use the same techniques commercial marketers have mastered for getting their message integrated in movies, TV, and advertising? Watch the panel below and find out. 

Vicky Rideout Moderates 2011 Ad Week Panel on Content Integration & Social Change

Vicky Rideout moderates panel discussion with experts on media use among young children, October 2011.